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SOD, or superoxide dismutase, is an endogenous enzyme belonging to the group of oxidoreductases. It protects against the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals and is a key element of the antioxidant barrier of the body. It plays an important role in reducing the intensity of oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. In addition, it prevents carcinogenesis, which leads to the development of cancer. Considering the great importance of SOD for health and the proper functioning of the body, it is worth ensuring the appropriate level of this enzyme in the body.

Our offer includes a number of preparations that are conducive to increasing the concentration of superoxide dismutase. They contain compounds that enhance the endogenous production of this enzyme, and also directly supply plant-extracted SOD molecules to the body. One of the fruits that naturally produces a large amount of highly bioavailable superoxide dismutase is the cantaloupe melon. Wheat germs also have high SOD content.

The preparations offered in this category are conducive to improving the health condition and slowing down the aging of the body. They may prevent common diseases of the 21st century, and thus extend the life and improve its quality. They are recommended especially for people who lead an intense lifestyle, exposed to chronic stress and excessive physical or intellectual effort. They work out well in athletes.


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Seeking Health
25.03 $

A proprietary formula – Extramel®, obtained from melon. A source of SOD with high antiradical activity.

SODzyme Out of stock
Life Extension
22.50 $

Patented antioxidant components GliSODin® and SODzyme®.

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S.O.D. Discontinued
Source Naturals
11.38 $

A superior source of superoxide dismutase, a compound that lowers free radicals.

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SOD 20mg
SOD 20mg Discontinued
Jarrow Formulas
19.98 $

Source of superoxide dismutase, enzyme with high antioxidant activity.

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