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Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 120 caps.
230.72 €

Vitamin D3 120 caps.

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Vitamin D3 4000 IU 120 caps.
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  • A highly effective dose of vitamin D3 for deficiency replenishment
  • Regulation of calcium-phosphate economy
  • Strengthening of the structure of bone tissue
  • Proper absorption of calcium
  • Immunomodulatory potential

MZ Vitamin D3 is a supplement that is the source of a highly effective dose of one of the vitamins whose chronic deficiencies are observed among people living in the temperate climate zone.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – a compound produced endogenously in the body with adequate access to sunlight. Its main activity is the regulation of calcium and phosphate metabolism, but recently attention has also been paid to the immunomodulatory and anti-oncogenic potential.

People living in a temperate climate suffer from Vitamin D3 chronic deficiency, which manifests itself in the autumn and winter period. When used in the recommended doses, Vitamin D3 may not always restore homeostasis. The product offered contains vitamin D3 in a slightly higher concentration to even more effectively influence the functioning of the system.

The main effector site for cholecalciferol is bone, kidney, and intestine. In all these organs, it improves the efficiency of calcium management, because it increases the absorption, resorption, and building capacity of the relevant tissues. It contributes to the increase in density and mechanical strength of bones. This effect is especially important among the elderly (including postmenopausal women), among whom the excretion of calcium cations in feces and urine, as well as bone tissue resorption processes, significantly increase.

Recent scientific reports indicate several other effects of the vitamin. One of them is the immunomodulatory potential. As it turns out, Vitamin D3 regular intake may have a positive effect on shaping the immune response to viruses. Thus, the prevention of fall-winter diseases becomes even easier!

To sum up, MZ Vitamin D3 is a preparation designed for anyone who seriously thinks about restoring or maintaining calcium-phosphate homeostasis in relation to the condition of bone tissue.

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